Sunday, January 1, 2012

To A New Year and To Inspiration!

Happy New Year everyone!  And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and comment to us!  We love hearing from you!

Since starting Two Minds Cook Alike last year, Alyssa and I have been growing and evolving along with the blog.  Both of us really enjoy cooking but we often do not have time to spend preparing a fancy meal.  So we try to share recipes that aren't too complicated even for those people who may not enjoy cooking!  We love it when our recipes inspire you to get into the kitchen and make the item for yourself! 

Of course, as I consider the time and effort that went into the blog over the past few months, I have also been thinking of some goals for improvement over the next year:

1. Eat healthier and include more healthy recipes on the blog!
2. Post more frequently!
3. Continue to interact with our readers and include more posts about what you want to read!
4. Improve the quality of posts with better pictures and by presenting food in new and creative ways!

Speaking of my last goal, I am constantly looking for new ideas on how to photograph and present the food that I cook and share on this blog. There are so many great food blogs out there with beautiful pictures. I always want to make the food look as appealing as it tastes and to really stand out in pictures.  I think that a lot of the cute ways for presenting food can also serve the dual purpose of decorations.  Here are some of my inspirations:

I bought these cake domes recently because I thought that they would be a cute way to show off any cookies or desserts that I made.  I have actually been using one to store my ever growing jewelry collection thanks to chloe + isabel. The other one has not been used for food yet :)

Both of these items can be found in my good friend Annie's etsy shop where she sells many great vintage items!  I love these two items because of the natural wood.  I think that they easily transition from serving as a decoration to a dinner party or to staging great blog posts.

Cake stands, cake stands, and more cake stands.  It doesn't matter if they are clear, colorful, or made of milk glass. What can I say?  I love all of them! 

Source: pinterest 

Chalkboard trays!

Source: pinterest

Milk Glass bowls

Source:  Etsy, pinterest

Thanks for reading!



  1. Happy New Year and congratulations on the growth of your blog! I share many of those same goals for this year. It's a constant learning process! Also, thank you for your sweet comment. I definitely plan to post about the planning process! :)

  2. Oh, also...great new header! I've been mia from the blogging world for a while so I don't know how new it really is, but I love the new design!

  3. What a fun post Rona! I'm Renee from Kudos Kitchen and you so kindly stopped by my blog so I'm returning the favor. I too am always looking for new and unusual ways to photograph my food. I love all the cake stands and 3 tier decorative servers. So pretty. Wish I had them all ;) I find etsy is a great source for decorative items such a milk glass and vintage plates. Seems we have a lot in common. Anyway, nice to have met you and I'll be stopping back often to see what you've been cooking up.

  4. Hi! I'm visiting you from the link you left on my blog. You have do much great stuff here! Can't wait to poke around some more. Love those cake stands, btw!

  5. Omg Ro!! I love those cupcake trays! They make baking so chic! I got a cook book from Bakerella with a bunch of different Cake pop recipes... can't wait to show you and Alyssa!

    Miss you!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to meet another blogging baker!! :)
    I love all of those beautiful stands! I think I need to get some, my food photos could greatly use some improvement.

  7. oh rona thank you for the shout out to my shop! i love it! so great to know what draws you in. i've got an eye for wood too. i can never get enough! and speaking of cake stands this year i'm going to be making a few our of vintage plates! can't wait to see more of your recipes for the new year!!!

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