Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

Happy Halloween everyone! I don't know where you are all reading from, but the Northeast had some pretty nasty weather this past weekend. Not nasty enough to ruin all the fun, though.

Last Friday, my office had a Halloween luncheon with delicious Mexican food and homemade desserts. In the hopes of finding something festive to bake, I made these cupcakes. They were just chocolate and vanilla flavored in the interest of saving time, but the fun is really in the decorations.

I used vanilla frosting and a few different pastry bag tips to make the mummy and spiderweb cupcakes. Actually, correction--Rona decorated the spiderweb cupcakes. I needed as many hands on deck as possible.

Everyone in the office seemed to love the decorations, so all-in-all a success! Anyone have any other fun cupcake decorating ideas?



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