Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How To Make Turkish Coffee

I tend to drink a cup of coffee most days, regardless of how much I slept. Sometimes I drink coffee to cool me off, other times to warm me up, and other times for a caffeine boost. Recently, I have been preferring Turkish coffee to brewed coffee. It is easy to make, you just need to have the proper items: a bag of Turkish coffee and a small pot called a cezve.  These items may be found in an ethnic market or online.

The only trick to making this type of coffee is to make sure that there is foam on top.  To make sure that there is foam, you cannot let the coffee boil.  Since coffee heats so quickly, I make sure to stand and watch it for the entire time that it is on the stove top.  Of course, I have let it boil and ruined the foam, and I have walked away from the coffee and it has spilled over the top of the pot and on to the stove.   So it just takes some patience and a little bit of practice to get it right.

I also am using small cups that my boyfriend brought from Turkey to drink the coffee.  One serving of Turkish coffee is about the size of a single shot of espresso.  Sometimes I serve it in small tea cups, only half filled which is an alternative to the small cups in the pictures.


Turkish coffee

1.  For every serving of coffee that you are making combine one heaping teaspoon of coffee and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.  (more if you like sweeter coffee) in the coffee pot.

2.  Add water by filling the coffee cup and pouring it into the pot.

3.  Heat the coffee on low heat, making sure that it does not start to boil.

4.  Pour about half of the coffee into the mugs and then reheat the rest of the coffee for 30-45 seconds, again making sure that it does not boil.

5.  Pour the remainder of the coffee into the mug and drink it with a small dessert or Turkish delight.



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